Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Dream of Fiji

So I woke up a little broken hearted this morning.
I woke up only to realize that I was not in one of the best places on earth.
 I was stuck in my crummy apartment.
You see, I had been dreaming about Fiji.
And it was one of those dreams that was so unbelievably real to the point where I could smell and taste everything. I'm sure you can imagine my extreme disappointment.

I was back in Mau visiting all my friends, watching rugby, I went over to Uprising, and to the college resort where I layed on the hammocks to watch the sunrise. (any of my Fiji friends remember what that place was called?) I've never cried after waking up from a dream before. I guess there's a first time for everything.

I never realized that you could miss a place. But before Fiji, I also never thought I'd fall in love with one either. 

Here's what I miss the most:
1. Bula! A word that was so common, but meant so much. I have never had so many people tell me hello so sincerely before.
2. The people from Mau, the village we worked in. They welcomed me in as one of their own and really made me feel like family. We had so much fun together and I learned so much from them.
3. The views. Oh my lanta. Nothing can compare to the beauty there and you could find it every single corner.
4. Fiji Time. You get there when you get there. If only that was the way my job worked.
5. The kids in the village. They sang to us, taught us their nursery rhymes, and held our hands as often as they could.
6. The smells. The smell Fijian rain is so unbelievably powering.

I could add 1,000 other things to this list. But these were the ones that top the list.

My dream has made me consider something, a trip back. Even if that means going be myself or with my mom, my boyfriend, or a random stranger. I am swearing to do this.

 Here is what I'm thinking; If I can get approved for time off ideally I would like to do the EF College Trip to Australia and New Zealand and then travel to Fiji for a few days afterwards. It's going to cost a pretty penny. But it's totally worth it. I'm making this a goal for 2014. If that doesn't happen I'll understand. But at least I'll have some of it saved and maybe one day in the far, far distant future I could go for my honeymoon.

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  1. Waya Lai Lai??

    annnnnd... just so ya know.
    if you're ever in murray park when it's raining REALLY hard, and you stand by the river, it smells just like fiji. i seriously almost started crying when i smelled it. it was heavenly.