Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's day two of my favorite season. The colors, the smells, the crisp air, oh and did I mention the colors? ;) Today we went on a drive as a family. The leaves are so amazingly bright this year.

So I figured it was time for an update of big recent events.

1. Back to the good ole' SLCC. - I love my classes, but hate the homework.

2. Moved back home. - There are SO many people in this house, it definitely a change and I miss my independence.

3. Started a new job as an orderly at IHC in their surgical center. I see some gnarly stuff, but I LOVE it.

4. I totaled my mothers car. I was making a left hand turn and I had a car hit me, who was speeding immensely. The back axle was ripped completely off. It was quite the experience. Luckily everyone was okay. The scariest part was that the air bags didn't go off, and they definitely should have. And if I would have been in my Jeep I would have without a doubt been dead.

5. My dog has become a terror. He is digging ALL over the yard and he's been jumping the fence. It's such an adventure raising a child haha. It's a good thing he's so cute. If any of you know tips for digging I would LOVE to hear them!



  1. Im glad you are ok. Where did you go for the drive? The pics are amazing