Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Furniture Failure

So, if you haven't heard already this youngin' has officially moved out on her own. Believe me, i've heard all of the reasons as to why is a terrible idea and blah, blah, blah. But so far everything has been pretty great until the furniture failure occurred.

I was quite prepared to move out with my best friend. We both had lots of the necessities. We had cleaning stuff, kitchen gadgets and plates, decorations, clocks, and basically almost everything we needed. We weren't going in unprepared. But there was one thing we were lacking, a couch. Somewhere where we could sit with out friends and talk, or just something to lay on while we watch movies instead of watching them from the floor. I brought my Love Sac over to the apartment and it does provide sitting for two very close individuals, but its just not cutting it.

On the 20th of February I made a grown up decision and purchased a very cute sectional from Action Wood Furniture. I had been to probably 15 stores before I found the one I knew was perfect. And who knew that shopping for furniture was like shopping for cars? I mean really, salesmen might as well be leaches. I was EXTREMELY picky while shopping too so I only made their job more difficult. There were even a few times where Lexie and I went into stores pretending to be deaf. We used sign language the whole time just so we wouldn't have to talk to any of the sales guys. Besides my laptop this is really one of my first big purchases and I wasn't going to get sucked into some sales pitch. And not only that, but it's going to be something that I have for quite some time.

So the original plan was to have my couch delivered to my new place the Friday before we moved in. Did it happen? Obviously not. I had to call to find out a scheduled time for my delivery and called Tuesday morning. Not only did the lady not order my couch because she thought I wasn't moving till later in March, but she also couldn't remember which side of the couch I wanted my lounge on. But, I put on my grown up face and accepted her apology and she told me she would be calling me around the 16th when their next shipment comes in. Two weeks without a couch, this I could handle. So then being the mature individual that I am, I had my dad make a call for me. He is a lot better at negotiating then I am, and I couldn't believe the service I was receiving. So yesterday I got even better news from him. My couch is being built in China and they are extremely behind schedule and now it won't be here till April 5. APRIL FIFTH!!!!!!! The exact words from my father? "Welcome to the real world." Awesome.

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  1. Spoken as only a loving father can. =) Good luck, hope your other adventures are not so patience-testing but tons of fun.